¡La Iniciativa Colombiana, for fair and Solidarity Trade with democracy and stake!

Fair trade is a platform that seeks to promote equality and justice in trade relations between farmers and consumers. La Iniciativa Colombiana for small producers, fair, supportive and sustainable trade, is making a big difference in the lives of many farmers by promoting this organizational, productive and commercial model.

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In Colombia, cocoa is an important source of employment and income generation for many small organizations. These organizations include cocoa farmers, cooperatives, processing and marketing companies, and companies that use cocoa as a raw material for the production of chocolates and other products.

By buying Colombian cocoa, consumers can be sure that they are contributing to a fairer and more sustainable production. In addition, the cocoa from our producers has a more intense and authentic flavor due to its careful processing and the quality of its ingredients.

As businesses and consumers continue to choose cocoa from small farmers, environmental sustainability and investment in local communities is promoted. Colombian cocoa is recognized worldwide for its quality and unique flavor, which has made it a highly demanded product in the international market.


A wonderful example is COOAGRONEVADA, which is made up of 49 associates, of which 22 are women, it has the Women Care seal certifications by Eco-LOGICA of Costa Rica, certification in national and international organic standards by the CERES certifier and in Fair Trade. ID 22180 by FLO-CERT. They were born in October 2007 with 21 producers from Guardabosque families who were part of the eradication of illicit crops, which they replaced with coffee, cocoa and beekeeping.

If you want to contribute to fairer cocoa production in Colombia, look for fair trade products in your area or online. By buying fair trade cocoa, you will be helping to fight against child labor and labor exploitation in the production of this delicious product.