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La Iniciativa Colombiana is an organization of Small Producers of Fair, Solidarity and Sustainable Trade is an initiative in Colombia that seeks to promote fair, solidary and sustainable trade between small producers and consumers in the country. The initiative seeks to promote fairer and more equitable business practices, as well as improve some of the living conditions of small producers and protect the environment. In addition, the initiative works in collaboration with other local and international organizations to promote sustainability and equity in trade globally.


Strengthen organizations so that producers remain in the territory within the framework of a political commitment that materializes in accompaniment and technical improvements, with social, productive and environmental responsibility. Being present in political, public and private scenarios that can give an important platform to productive projects, as well as the fair and equitable distribution of benefits through fair trade, which can provide partners with valuable opportunities for economic development and the improvement of livelihoods.


For La Iniciativa Colombiana, integral sustainable development is fundamental, in addition to including aspects such as human dignity, peaceful coexistence, recovery and conservation of the environment, sufficiency and food sovereignty. Its social objective is aimed at contributing to the economic, political, and sociocultural strengthening of small producer organizations, through the promotion and practice of the principles, values, and criteria of fair and equitable trade, such as; Ethics, morality, solidarity, honesty, participatory democracy, social justice, transparency, sense of belonging, socio-environmental responsibility and respect.